Kota Stone in Bangalore

We at Sethi Stone boast of our prestigious presence in numerous residential as well as commercial projects in various sectors like hotels, Office Buildings, Shopping Malls, Pools, Gardens, residences etc and much more. Sethi Stone units work on the state of the art technology to ensure delivery of high quality products in a timely manner to our valued clients. Proactive Quality Assurance through years of experience, Standard operating Protocols and our Quality Inspection & Assurance team ensures we are able to deliver all side angles diagonals and thickness with accuracy in measurements and dimensions.

Kota stone has non water-absorbent, anti-slip, and anti-stain properties add up to the advantages because of which it has been one of the most sought after building materials.

Customer satisfaction being our keen goal has helped us evolve as an organization that delivers quality, commitment and experience in all the products that we deliver. Sethi Stone believes in delivering high quality products in cost effective manner through its unique feature of having inhouse mines,Its cutting unit and its own retail structure in place resulting in cutting down of all sorts of middle-men who take away unrequired profits. We strongly follow business ethics, Company's Policies and Values to ensure crystal clear work culture along with customer satisfaction.

Kota stone comes in various forms – polished tiles, tumbled tiles, natural bricks, cobbles, covings. We are available in bluish blue that brings a soothing look in the home decor.