About Us

Sethi Stones is one of the leading Kota stone manufacturers and suppliers across India. Our private mines, state of the art cutting and processing unit, and a well established retail structure is our strength which has helped us deliver excellence since 1996. Our comprehensive and independent industrial model helps us cut any extra cost that goes to middle-man and deliver you a cost effective Kota Stone Tiles.

We have transparent company policies and work with business ethics that helps us create a conducive environment for our employees to grow keeping customer satisfaction and quality in priority. We provide Kota Stone in 90° edge cut and box packaging and in ready to fit format to our elite customers.

An Emporium of Excellence

Delivering excellence is the motto we work with at Sethi Stones. As the name suggests Kota Stone is naturally found in and around Kota, Rajasthan, hence we have tactfully established our grand factory in Ramganj Mandi area of Kota. Our modest facility is well equipped with the latest cutting and polishing machines which helps us get the precision in 90° edge cut Kota Stone Tiles that we box and deliver with utmost care at our Client’s doorstep.

Team of dedication and perseverance

We could not have achieved the level of precision in our work and customer satisfaction without our proficient team that is always ready for the biggest of the challenges. Our team's astute acumen and in depth knowledge of their work has helped us deliver the best quality Kota Stone.

Kota Stone Flooring

Kota stone flooring is one of the best and most sought after options when we think of flooring for our offices or homes. Kota stone designs rendered by Sethi Stone have been enticing everyone’s heart at just one glance as they provide a wide range of textures and colors being pioneers in Kota stone manufacturing. Unique Kota stone textures is one of the USPs of Sethi Stone and the authenticity of Kota stone colors that you will find here will make you recommend our studio to every friend of yours. Your house's Kota stone flooring will become the talk of the town in no time as the Kota Stone color and textures you get at Sethi Stone are so finely cut and polished that a simple Kota stone design looks exceptional. We at Sethi Stone provide the most competitive Kota Stone Price along with no compromise in quality.

Kota Stone Price

Kota stone price depend on size, thickness and finishing, kota stone is cheap than other natural stone, durability of kota stone is best other flooring stone,kota stone blue flooring is shown just like green marble,kota Stone is highly durable but if you want to maintain the smoothness of the kota stones you must do polishing periodically. Polishing helps to render a shine and smoothness to the stone surface. Polishing wax is easily available in market and can be used to polish the Kota stone surface. Applying polish has an added advantage as it prevents the flaking of stone.

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