Kota Brown Stone

Kota Brown Stone is one of the most exotic naturally occurring lime sediment. It is a naturally strong stone that is not affected much by weather changes and gives a plush feel to homes or offices.

Kota Brown Stone which is also called Kota Yellow Stone and Kota Honey Stone in some regions is our best selling product. People prefer Kota Brown Stone for wall cladding and flooring because of its elegant looks and mainly because of its superb resistance towards heat and weather which in turn saves a lot of maintenance cost that you cannot avoid even if you use the best quality paint.

Kota Brown stone is preferred in both flooring and wall elevations at residential as well as commercial projects. It is widely preferred in offices and homes for a high-end luxury feel.

We at Sethi Stone focus on providing you with fine 90 degree cut, ready to use Kota Yellow stone in Mirror, Leather, Shot Blast Leather, Matt Lapatto and other finishes that are easy to install as well as maintain. Kota Yellow stone is widely used for commercial and residential purposes too because of its high endurance level and the range of shades and textures available at Sethi Stone will let you design your space your way.

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Kota brown Mirror Stone

Kota brown leather Stone

Kota Brown Short Blast Leather Stone

Kota Brown Short Blast Stone

Kota brown matt Stone

Sethi Stones works meticulously from the curation of Kota Brown Stone to final 90° edge cut finished Kota Brown Stone tiles as these sediments come in different exquisite patterns and textures which we then adjust accordingly to get you the most aesthetic setting at your home.

Color Kota Brown Stone
Thicknesses 18 to 30 mm as per Clients Requirements
Flooring sizes Sizes in inches- 11 x 11, 22 x 11, 22 x 16, 22 x 22, 28 x 22, 34 x 22, 40 x 22, 46 x 22

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