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We are one of the leading Kota Stone suppliers and manufacturers, Sethi Stones has been transforming your homes and offices into astounding artifacts since 1996. Get the most exquisite array of premium quality stones to garnish your home in the most exquisite manner.

Values we live by:
  • Quality cannot be compromised.
  • Customer satisfaction is a must.
  • Latest Machinery for excellent finishing.
  • Acknowledge our skilled team.

Our Infrastructure

Our extensive factory unit situated in Ramganj Mandi Kota comprises of latest machinery to get the best finish in the Kota Stone tiles we offer. Apart from our private mines and fully equipped manufacturing unit, we have a sprawling stock yard of 20,000 square meters in which we keep ready to ship finished tiles of 3 to 5 lakh square feet. The complete infrastructure from mining to processing to a grand stocking space has helped us deliver and maintain excellence in our services since last 25 years.

Leading Kota Stone Supplier:

Kota Stone

Kota Stone Manufacturing & Storage

We have a sprawling Kota stone factory setup of 4000 square meters and 20,000 square meters of a stock yard. Our private mines and proficient staff takes good care of the superior quality Kota Stone that we render. The cutting unit at our facility comprises the latest state of the art machinery along with our experienced craftsmen who are responsible for cutting every tile to the perfection of 90° edge and provide you with ready to use box packaging Kota Stone.

Kota Stone Design


To render you the best quality Kota Stone we have set up an exquisite boutique studio, PENASCO by Sethi Stones. We have set up an astounding display of our premium stones like Kota Blue | Kota Brown | Red Mandana Stone and many more finished to perfection here. Our gigantic storage has high tech gantry cranes and lifting machines to handle the stone in a sophisticated manner. At PENASCO you will be able to see the application of our breathtaking earthly textures from interior and exterior flooring to wall claddings in detail along with and an organized display of all our premium quality Kota Stones.

Best Quality New Kota Stone Design Available at Best Price

This fine-grained limestone quarry is widely used pan India, especially in offices and factory spaces. We are one of the pioneer Kota Stone suppliers with our very own mine near Kota extracting the best quality Kota Stone for our patrons. This top-notch Kota stone is then honed to the perfection in our state-of-the-art factory. Our latest machineries and experienced staff make sure that every tile is cut to perfection and then polished well to bring out the natural colors and pattern of the stone. Being one of the oldest players in the market, we render you an extensive range of Kota Stone Colors and patterns. Even though the classic greenish blue and brown colored stones are the most popular Kota Stone designs and are extensively used in public offices and pavements, yet there are various other natural colors like black, pink, beige and grey which are being preferred as wall claddings and flooring in corporate offices and homes. Sethi Stone is one of the most sought-after Kota Stone Supplier as we are well known for our quality and delivery on time.

Get the Best Kota Stone Price:

In 25 years of Sethi Stones, we have kept up with the time and have been keeping on setting trends by bringing out new and modern Kota Stone Designs. Our innovative designs and competitive Kota Stone Price have helped us capture the market and hearts of our patrons. We maintain our quality and finishing regardless of the size of order, because we understand how important your home or office is to you and how much time and hard-earned money one puts in to build their dream home or office. Owning our own mine and factory unit helps us cut the dealers price in between and bring you the best Kota Stone Price in this highly competitive market. Being one of the oldest Kota Stone Suppliers having our own mining and processing unit, we provide you with a wide range of Kota Stone design and designs for various spaces. Kota Stone is particularly great for kitchen and factory sites dealing with chemicals as it is acid proof as well as dust repellent. One of the greatest challenges in keeping our game up is to avoid any damage during transportation, this is where our latest machinery and hydraulic lifting systems comes in. Maintaining damage free transportation also helps us cut down extra cost due to physical damage.

Our Products

Kota Blue Stone

Kota Blue Stone

Kota Brown Stone

Kota Brown Stone

Kota Black Stone

Kota Black Stone

Red Mandana Stone

Red Mandana Stone

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Kota Stone

Why Kota Stone from Sethi Stones?

The only problem that customers faced earlier was fitting, finishing and polishing of raw Kota Stone slabs. It used to be a very tedious and time-consuming job to which Sethi Stones has bring out a perfect solution.

Sethi Stones offer you:
  • Meticulously calibrated tiles of same shape, size and thickness.
  • Finishing as per your requirements, i.e. mirror polished, fine table polish, semi polished or honed.
  • 90° edge cut and box packed finished product.
  • Ready to fit tiles like ceramic tiles.
  • Durable and affordable Kota Stone tiles.

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